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Block Paving in Cheshire

At Cheshire Drives & Landscape Services we have a fresh and honest approach to the driveways/patio business. We don’t engage in gimmicky marketing strategies, and we don’t believe in heavy sales pressure.


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There won’t be any hidden catches, and no nasty surprises. When we provide a quotation for paving your driveways you’ll see exactly what you’re paying for and why, and we’ll make sure you know exactly what’s transpiring at every stage of design, planning and installation. With us you receive:

  • Free and comprehensive quotes
  • Step-by-step information about the progress of your driveway
  • A commitment to professionalism and good manners from every person on site
  • Guarantees and after care unparalleled

Block Paving Services

With a variety of colour schemes and sizes, block paving is often widely known as one of the most attractive and versatile forms of surfacing a driveway. The blocks aren’t cut from natural stone, but manufactured specifically to suit your needs, and therefore it’s not only a less environmentally damaging way to surface a garden, it is easily tailorable to any design, pattern or plan.Block paving is also among the most cost efficient forms of paving that you could purchase, as the materials and installation style are fairly simple, meaning you’ll have a stylish and efficient driveway installed at a sensible price. This is especially the case if you look at the longevity of block-paved features, as block paving is a really durable construction that can last for quite a long period of time.

Garden Patios

At Cheshire Drives & Landscape Services, we offer a comprehensive selection of garden paving slabs, culminating in a wide range of garden patios to fit any sort of property. Regardless of size, we treat each client on an individual basis, laying small, medium and large sized garden patios at highly competitive prices.

Our slab and block paving manufacturers offer something to suit every customer’s requirements.

With a huge selection of products to select from, we can always build the look the consumer desires.


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We offer a complimentary, no obligation quote and designs where necessary. Cheshire Drives & Landscape Services are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind through our committed team, from the first consultation to the last block laid and throughout our 10 year unconditional guarantee!